Tips for Tournament Gridning

What sets a winning poker player from a losing or break even one can come down to the environment and set up they have created for themselves when playing their poker sessions. If, like me you are a tournament player you may end up having very long sessions especially over the weekend when the juiciest and softest tournaments run. Creating a good working environment is important whether you are a poker player, software developer or any other sort of office-based worker.

First and foremost you need to be fit and healthy. Although I don’t consider poker a sport necessarily you still have very long sessions of up to 18 hours in one go which means you need to be physically and mentally fit. A good gym session before playing poker is ideal and gets you feeling good and raring to go. Generally it is advised to keep in good shape anyway so you should be getting down the gym regularly as well as getting coaching sessions from your local instructor. It is also wise to get a good diet which means lots of fruits and vegetables as well as healthy snacks already prepared for use in your session. Don’t eat anything too heavy otherwise you will find yourself falling asleep at your desk. For me personally this involves having very few carbs as they tend to knock me out pretty quick.

Your desk should be clear of distractions and knickknacks it should beonly¬† your keyboard, mouse and however many monitors you use. Close down all non-essential browser windows and don’t feel tempted to visit sites such as Reddit or Facebook as these will distract you from your game. Also turn off the TV and ensure that you have some background music lined up ideally some music radio station is the best. Also make sure your batteries are fully charged in your mouse and keypad as you don’t want them dying when you are heads up on the Sunday million.

Finally ensure everyone in your house knows that you are playing, the last thing you want is someone walking in on you and distracting you while you are playing.