Poker Forums

Over the years poker forums have become a great resource for the new and experienced poker player  alike. A poker forum is a method in which players from all over the world can connect and create discussions ranging from anything such as World Series of poker updates to in depth high-stakes poker strategy. There are thousands of poker forums online at the moment but I will list  my  favourite top three sites which I visit on a regular basis. If you do join any of the sites below remember to treat them with respect. Don’t start trolling users and try and help out other users when you can. It really does pay to contribute to these forums by discussing other people’s hands and helping out with analysis. You will find that the more effort you put into helping others more you will get back especially from the more experienced players.

Poker forums are an ideal way of getting an analysis of your hand which you have had problems with. Ideally mark your hand in your hold ’em manager database and come back to it later you can then post these hands on various strategy forums to get other people’s opinions and maybe look at the hand in a different way.


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This is by far the most popular forum on the Internet it has tens of thousands of members from all over the world including several top pros such as Daniel Negreanu and Tom Dwan. There is a fantastic hands strategy forum where you can post your own hands and get feedback from other users. News views and gossip is the most popular forum and where you will find the latest breaking news concerning anything poker. Many scams and hacks been revealed on this forum over the years including the world-famous ultimate bet scandal.

Punters lounge

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This is only a very small forum especially when compared to 2+2 it is extremely friendly and ideal for the new poker player. Though there is not much hand analysis this is a great forum if you are based in the UK and looking to get some extra value when playing poker. Users are encouraged to post any tournaments they feel has extra value or overlays so it’s an ideal site to check once or twice a week. They also run their own added money tournaments occasionally.

Hendon mob

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Though this is more of a poker tracking site for live tournaments and events the forum is quite active though quite small. The good thing about this site is they run their own poker league on poker stars and full tilt poker which quite often adds a lot of extra value.