Guide to the WSOP

Although I am a semi-professional online poker player I have had experience with live poker tournaments. This comes in the form of many European poker events such as the EPT but more famously the World Series of poker. The World Series of poker takes place every year around May or June time in Las Vegas. It attracts players from all over the world as they compete to win bracelets in any of the 50+ different events. But the main target for any professional or amateur player is the main event. This is a $10,000 buy in event which regularly attracts over 7000 players. This creates a prize pool of over $70 million the first place often getting around $15 million.

If you are going to pay multiple events you should have your schedule worked out properly. Don’t forget to include small events in other casinos which run at a similar time to the World Series of poker. These have much smaller buyins and a turbo structure which are ideal for playing if you bust out one of the World Series events earlier. They are also extremely soft and feature lots of amateur players who can’t afford a World Series buyin. You should also remember to schedule a day off or two depending on how long you are there for . If you are in Vegas for the entire month  it is not ideal to play every single day as as the hours can be long and strenuous.

Remember to hit the gym frequently especially before  big event as you will feel much better and invigorated during the tournament. Remember to eat properly and make use of the free  buffet y vouchers which are frequently handed out to  players. Don’t gorge yourself though as you will find yourself falling asleep at the table.

Remember to sign up for a VIP card at every casino you play at in order to get full value from them. You will then probably be eligible for free hotel stays in the future. Remember to use your card when signing up for any event as well as playing any pits or slot games. If possible try and avoid drinking too much. As a Brit it can be quite difficult to do so especially when the alcohol is free and flowing. If you really want to drink I suggest saving it for the smaller side events at other casinos as  they have a much better atmosphere and you are bound to get a few table mates joining in.