From Intermediate to Pro

Learning poker is easy, you can pickup the basics in just a few hours, becoming a pro on the other hand can take thousands of hours, even a lifetime! These are the resources I have used throughout my life to improve my game to such a point I was able to make it a part time income. I am by no means a pro, I don’t play high stakes, just high enough to live on 😉

The Mental Game of Poker
You can be the greatest Maths mind in the world and no when to make the right move against the right opponent, but if you don’t have the right poker mindset you will never achieve your full potential, infact the wrong mindset can end up costing you a lot of money! Jared Tendler is a mind coach and this book is an invaluable resources to getting you in the right frame of mind before your poker sessions.


Real Grinders- How to play poker for a living
If you intend on playing poker full time you should treat it as a business. This means organizing your time and setting limits and restrictions on what you play and when. There is a lot involved to running a business and this is no different when playing poker. This great book (free for unlimited kindle subscribers) is a great intro to playing for a living.


Holdem Manager
Although many poker sites are cracking down on HUDS (heads up displays) they still give a great insight in to how you opponent plays. By tracking your opponents hands you can create indepth stats on their style (aggro, passive etc) and find out wether they are a winning player or not. Holdem manager isn’t free but  is very cheap, especially for a full time pro even griding the low stakes. Think of it as an investment.