Welcome to never fold the premier online resource for those wanting to become professional poker players or looking to make a part-time income by playing poker online. this site was set up by a semiprofessional poker player who makes a decent side income and to share it’s well of expertise for free to subscribers and followers. Never fold reviews the best online poker rooms from big giants such as pokerstars to the smaller independent sites such as 365bet, as a professional poker player myself I have a great and in-depth knowledge of poker sites and how they work it means I am able to tell you exactly which sites are the best and how to get the most money and value out of each site. โบนัสการสมัคร! 250 ปอนด์! 365bet

As well as helping you choose a poker room to play at this site also guides you through resources you need in order to get your game up to scratch and start making money online by playing poker. It won’t happen overnight but with lots of time invested you can become better than 90% of the people that play online and you can grind out a nice part-time profit. Exactly how much you win depends on the amount you are willing to invest as well as how many hours you put into training and learning the game inside out.

Finally, I also post the latest news around the globe relating to poker including the inside scoop on the major poker rooms to latest updates on all the major poker tournament series. I also play at the World Series of poker as well as several major European poker events such as the European poker tour. As such I sometimes post trip reports so you can gets an insight as to how live poker players run their daily lives. Although I don’t post my exactly winning screen shots and graphs like many other poker professionals do, I do give you an  outline on how much I earn each month but more importantly what my losses are and what I can do to avoid them in the future.

This site was more set up as a personal blog to keep track of my monthly winnings and losses as well as any major poker milestones.